USB Far Infra-Red Pad

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USB Far Infra-Red Pad
Product Code#:AL138-A776


If you like the warmth of the sun, you have to appreciate far-infrared light. If you ever tried to use far-infrared to relief tireness, muscle strain or even pain, then we have a good product for you to try.
This USB-powered Far Infra-Red Pad is a small pad that designed to relief your from tireness, strain... all the far-infra-red can do in a convenient way.
Once you plug on the USB connector, the small Pad will release Far Infra-Red from and what you can feel is something warm up to 40C ~ 45C.

- Powered by USB
- Compact (the diameter is just around 45mm)
- Lightweight: 31g
- Convenient: can use in any location, any time with a USB Power port and even any part of your body.

- Power: 1.2W

Package Contents:
USB Far Infra-Red Pad x 1

- Box

- This is not a medical device, if you need medical treatment, we strongly suggest to consult your doctor.
- When power is on, it is suggested no to stick the pad to the same part of your body for more than 15 minutes, it may cause hurt by heat to your body.

Tag: infrared infra-red IFR IR  USB Far Infrared Thermal Patch  Reduce muscle strain and trieness

USB Far Infrared Thermal Patch

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