About us

USB-Fever has been in business since 2007 building its inventory, knowledge, and support for its products. usbfever.com and usb-fever.com are owned by Onchee Technology Limited (hereafter called USBFever). We’ve received suggestions over time and we’re responding! With thousands of USB products from USB cable to USB adapters, and wireless products, we are making it easier for our customers to find products they are looking for in their respective categories. USBFever is also adding helpful articles in various categories to help answer technical questions that are most often asked.

USBFever will be placing its newest and most popular products in the featured product category section as our product inventory grows with the latest in USB technology including cables, hubs, serial adapters, and more. The new USB technology being engineered and developed today will encompass new emerging USB 3.2 and even 4.0 connectivity and speeds that will make it to our inventory soon after manufacturing!

USBFever’s specialized USB products have been supplied to commercial and industrial customers throughout the U.S. and Canada providing them with high quality at low consumer prices. USBFever’s quality continues to be second to none in the USB product market.