2.4GHz wireless 3D Finger Optical Mouse with Laser Pointer

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Model: UF02447
Shipping Weight: 205g



Now you can wholly hold mouse in hand!

This is a 3 dimension mouse and you don't need to rely on the mouse pad or a flat surface fo your mouse.

It even comes a Laser Pointer for your presentation and a DPI switcher that you can change your DPI easily. It also comes a track ball for easy website browsing.

What make it special is that it has 2 Mouse Left Button and Mouse Right Button for both Right hand users as well as Left hand users!

General FEATURE(S):
- Wireless, using radio frequency, absolute freedom!
- Compact: around 1/2 to 1/3 of conventional mouse.
- High Resolution: 1000dpi / 800 dpi / 600dpi / 400 dpi
- Trackable, no more relying on flat surfaces.
- Powered by internal battery and rechargeable by USB (USB cable included)
- Plug-N-Play, no need for driver installation.
- Ergonomical design
- Power-saving: power off if no moves are detected after a while.
- Long Working Distance: 10 meters approx.

Possible Applications:
- Presentation
- On the sofa
- On the Bed
- In a car, plane or train
- using computer outdoor

Buttons Available:
Laser Pointer
- Left Buttons
- Right Buttons
- DPI Adjustment Button
- Charging Port
- Trackball
- DPI LED Indicator
- Backward button
- Forward Button
- Laser Pointer Switch

Systems compatibility:
- Windows 2000 / XP / NT / VISTA / Windows 7

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- This is designed for Right hand user as well as left hand user, so it has 2 Mouse Right Buttons and 2 Mouse Left Buttons.

Package Includes:
- Trackball Mouse x 1
- USB Power Cable x 1
- Pouch x 1
- Wireless Receiver x 1

- Retail