USB Infra-Red Warmer Mouse

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Model: AL296-A953
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If you like the warmth from the sun, you may appreciate infrared light. If you believe the warmth from the sun could relief tireness, muscle strain or even pain, then you may like this also.
This USB Mouse is an ordinary mouse but also not an ordinary mouse.
It is an ordinary mouse because in the functions of mouse, it is nothing special.

It is not an ordinary mouse because it has an Infra-Red generator inside that can generate infra-red heat which could keep your hand from cold weather, relief your tireness, muscle strain...

Once you plug on the USB connector, the mouse surface (palm area) will gradually become warm up to 40 ~ 45 Celsius Degree and keep itself at around this range.

If you don't want the warmer on, simply just turn it off then you can use it as an ordinary mouse.

- To warm your hand and keep your hand warm in a cold environment

General FEATURE(S):
- Keep your hand from cold weather, relief tireness...
- Soft rubber coating, comfortable and good hand feel.
- Keep the temperature upto 40 ~ 45 Celsius Degree
- with on/off switch to control the warming function
- High precision and accuracy: 800dpi
- USB interface

Colors Available:
- Red (out of stock)
- Yellow (out of stock)
- Black

- This is not a medical device, if you need medical treatment, we strongly suggest to consult your doctor.
- It will keep the temperature at around 40 ~ 45 Celsius Degree, if you feel too warm, you may turn it off a while

Package Includes:
- USB InfraRed(IR) Warming Mouse x 1

- White Box